Rebecca Dawson was born in Australia and grew up in Sydney. After completing school she attended University and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing. It was then that she decided to follow her dream and applied for the Fashion Design course at the Sydney Institute of Technology (East Sydney). Graduating with an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design in 2000, Rebecca set up her label and launched herself onto the Australian fashion scene.

Rebecca’s achievements have marked her out as a designer with a great deal of promise. In 1999 Rebecca won first place in the Cerrone Awards, in 2000 she was first runner-up in the Smirnoff Fashion Awards and won first place in the Grand Marnier Awards. 2000 also saw Rebecca achieve the Student of the Year award at East Sydney’s Fashion Designer Institute.

In 2001 Rebecca was noted as the designer to watch out for and she did not disappoint. Her first Spring/Summer Collection was shown during Mercedes Australian Fashion Week and she was invited to be an exhibitor in the Powerhouse Museum Student Fashion of the Year. Rebecca was invited to stock major cutting edge stores in Australia, which in turn sparked frenzied interest from the major fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Australian Style, and Oyster. The result was profile stories and editorial in all the major fashion magazines.

Rebecca has made a major impact as a designer whom here to stay; she maintains an integrity and originality that is rare within the Australian Fashion Industry. Shying away from mass-market fashion, Rebecca’s goal is to create an exclusive label that maintains her signature style but is constantly re-invented. Her creative talent coupled with her sharp business sense will ensure Rebecca a long and successful career as a designer.

Now, as well as working on the much loved 18th Amendment Jeans brand, Rebecca also designs for Bezoar Cashmere.

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