Pamela Dennis was born in New Jersey, USA in 1966. She studied political science at New York University. Her career in fashion started when she got married to her husband Andy, because she designed her own wedding dress and from then on continued to design clothes.

Celebrities really love her clothes and you regularly see her creations walking down the red carpet for the Oscar ceremony. One of her most famous is Gena Davis' transparent gown.

Pamela Dennis' company had been bought up by conglomerate Pegasus (now the Leiber Group) but in early 2001 they fired her from her own company. They did this in a very violent manner with armed security men bursting into her salon and even stealing clothing.

Pamela could not use her own name, but continued designing under another name from 2002. Then in 2004, she managed to buy back her company and was deep into plans for a Spring 2005 collection to be shown in Fall 2004. She is really over the moon to be back in the fashion business and we look forward to seeing her lovely clothes again soon.

It didn’t take long before Pamela became a darling of the media. Major fashion and lifestyle publications such as InStyle, Allure, Elle, Glamour, People, Vogue and Town & Country began to tell her story and show her clothing while Architectural Digest even featured a spread on Pamela’s home. Pamela quickly became a fixture as a fashion commentator on entertainment programs such as “Access Hollywood”, “Extra”, “E! Entertainment” and “The View”.

Pamela has recently been coined the poster girl of QVC with her tremendously successful and record-breaking stint on the network last August. Her high-end “Pamela Dennis Private Client Group” collection, which consists of “sportswear pieces with couture finishings” catered to the working woman, sold out in less than an hour. Pamela’s ongoing relationship with QVC will include an upcoming July appearance.

The ever-evolving designer and self described chameleon, Pamela Dennis is excited about the wonderful new opportunities that the future holds for her. Pamela looks forward to servicing her loyal customers in and out of Hollywood and establishing herself as a lifestyle brand to include outerwear, sunglasses, bags, shoes and even housewares.

The Look

She is noted for using the best luxurious fabrics from Italy and France. She often gets inspiration for a design from the fabric itself. She says she also gets inspired by old movies with Carole Lombard or Ginger Rogers acting in them. Pamela Dennis designs for the confident woman who wants to enhance her personal style. Using the most luxurious fabrics and embroideries from all over the world, Pamela creates classic, glamorous styles tailored to the feminine form for both day and evening looks. Pamela’s creations are both fashion-forward and versatile while using only the highest quality of materials. A beaded T-shirt coupled with a lightweight Italian cashmere pantsuit or a long evening skirt with a cashmere sweater is exemplary of her work. This ease of style juxtaposition and “mix and match” fashion define Pamela’s signature style and clearly set her apart from other designers. Pamela discovered her gift of fashion design while trying to find something special to wear to a friend’s wedding. When her search for a unique outfit proved fruitless, Pamela decided to design her own gown. Pamela has gained a long list of discriminating customers, socialites and celebrities by making women feel and look as beautiful as they can be. As a result, Pamela’s style soon became synonymous with the most beautiful women in the world.

Who Wears It

Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Halle Berry, Madonna, Debra Messing, Liv Tyler, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Whitney Houston, Sharon Stone, Cindy Crawford

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