Nicola was born and raised in London, where she began to play with jewellery designs aimed at being affordable, yet luxurious. Nicola Gewirtz worked as a personal assistant before receiving a birthday gift that ’changed her life’. She got a bracelet – which she felt was hugely over priced for what it was. This got her thinking. Was it right that these small accessories should be more expensive than the outfit itself? What if she could develop something simpler? Out of this experience she founded her own jewellery brand called Lola Rose. Her first designs achieved immense popularity with the launch of the ’Tumble Bracelet’ in May 2000.

The Lola Rose jewellery proved very popular with friends and family, so much so she couldn’t keep up with the demand despite working around the clock to meet demand. She didn’t have a business background, or any history setting up new companies – Nicola just jumped right in and started to approach retail stores to stock her products. The business and brand expanded and is now established as a successful business, both on and offline. Many of her items are worn by celebrities and often spotted in magazines and at fashion events.

Who Wears It

Danni Minogue, Cat Dealy, Kate Thornton, Sarah-Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Debra Messing, Kate Middleton,

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