Miwako Yoshioka who was born in Japan and raised in Europe. She has always loved being creative and working with her hands. One of her favorite pastimes as a little girl was designing dresses and accessories for her dolls, so it was only natural that she went on to train herself as a jewellery designer.

Her collection was first snapped up by shops in London and Tokyo in 2003 while she was still studying jewellery and silversmithing at Sir John Cass University in London. After completing her studies, she showed her first official collection at Paris fashion week in 2005.

Having come a long way since her early days of toying with the dream of creating beautiful things, Miwako has turned her passion in to a career and continues to be excited by her creations, still involving herself 100% in the production of her jewellery.

The Look

Although Miwako’s collections encompass different themes every season, nostalgic quality is a consistent feature. She often takes inspirations from childhood memories and quirky little objects that she is drawn to on the streets of London. Carefully chosen materials such as 1920’s buttons and beads, heart/star shaped semi-precious beads are also beautiful features of her collection, making it absolutely unique and desirable.

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