Michel Klein was born in France in 1958. He has mentioned that he was surrounded by family and friends who were involved in the world of fashion. He started sketching garments right from an early age.

In 1973 when he was only 15 years old, he sold some of his fashion sketches to the house of Yves St. Laurent and later to other leading fashion houses.

In 1975, when he was 17 years old, he joined the Paris house of Dorothee Bis, which operated a chain of stores in France.

In 1981, he left Dorothee Bis, and started his own label, in Paris, which was quite successful. In addition to his own designs, he also took over the house of Guy Laroche in 1993, after the designer died.

In September 1995, he brought out a hugely successful collection based on the Hollywood film star Ava Gardner.

Klein remained at Guy Laroche till 1997.

Michel Klein now makes luxury ready-to-wear under his own name, as well as accessories, perfumes, furniture and home fabrics. He is creating a entire universe.


1987 Voyou (M)
1989 Rendez-vous (W)
2000 Insomny O2 (W)
2000 Illusion (W)
2001 Comedie (W)
2001 Un Air de Comedie (W)
2005 Cher (W)
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