Their curriculum vitae is an encouragement to the free enterprise system. In 1960, the encounter of two completely different personalities with the same dream: America. Very quickly they established an exchange of ideas and a true complicity of vision. Starting in 1964, they imported a panoply of cowboy garb for Western House the first boutique of its hind in Paris. However, in 1967, Marithe and Francois Girbaud were (already off and running), chasing another dream. They went to all the laundries in the area to wash the jeans. The faded wash was a wild success. This was one idea which the French manufacturers never took seriously and which the Italians were to industrialize. The first licensing agreement was signed under the label in 1969.

The Look

A new breed of creators. Fashion Designer s Marithe and Francois brought a new approach to fashion; more popular and more industrial, starting with the work-garment: clothing for the generation who lived via music and American cinema. Year after year, they redesign and rethink the Jean, inventing new industrial processes, technical designs in harmony with morphology and the movement of the body.

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