Manuel Bozzi was born in Pisa, Italy, in 1973. Manuel studied Visual Communication and Advertising Design at the Pisa National Institute of Art. He took up the arts, ancient crafts, painting, and sculpture. He became a goldsmith after being trained at the artisan workshop of Lydia Nissim, a renowned artist, teacher, and his mother.

Since September 2000, he is designing and creating jewelry and accessories (men / women) for the French brand Marithé+François Girbaud. The collaboration is long lasting and constant.

Since 2002, Manuel also performs freelance consultant designing, creating jewelry and accessories for other fashion houses like Butter (shoes), Black Dog (gothic jewelry), Elie Tahari (clothing), Jeff Parker (fashion accessories), Parajumpers (clothing), Santiago Rivera de la Viuda (jewelry).

In 2003 Manuel founded together with his partner Luigi Ranchelli his own label, Clan Banlieue. Luigi comes from the high-level Roman jewellery school. His already twenty years of experience was formed in two important laboratories of precious stone-setting.

There have also been numerous distinctions as well as participation at international events. The most important and recent one was in Berlin where it was presented with the "Premium Young Designers Award".

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