Born and raised in New York, Lyn Devon received her degree at Brown University and went on to study at Parsons.

A graduate of Brown University where she majored in Art History, Devon began her romance with textiles in the theater, first as a Costume Designer with the Brown University Theater Department and later at the Metropolitan Opera Company in New York.

In 2002, Lyn began work with Zac Posen’s design team on his first four collections and then went on to works as an assistant designer for Ralph Lauren. While working at both Zac and Ralph, Lyn started a custom-only design atelier out of her apartment, designing and sewing clothing for an exclusive list of private clients. This allowed her to cultivate her design philosophy with a unique approach that brings the customers needs to the forefront of her creative process.

Lyn Devon presented her first full Ready-to-Wear collection in September 2005, and was quickly named Women’s Design ‘Rising Star’ by the Fashion Group International. Following the debut of her Fall/Winter 2008 collection, Style.com called her one of “The Season’s 10 Most Promising Talents” and soon after she was awarded the prestigious Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award for women’s wear. In October 2009, she was accepted as one of the 30 new members of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

Lyn Devon’s expansive group of loyal private clients and select specialty stores such as Louis Boston, Tootsies, and Elizabeth Charles embrace her as the fresh young voice designing in the great tradition of American luxury sportswear.

Who Wears It

Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Stiles, Alice Braga, Lake Bell, Tara Summers, Virginia Mailman, Heather Leeds, Susan Hess, Brooke Neidich, Jill Kargman, Barbara Tober, Somers Farkas, Laurie Tisch, Anne Keating, Ellen Scarborough, Lucy Woolworth Lamphere, Mrs. Thomas Kempner Jr., Linda Lambert

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