Lydia Courteille is a French jewelry designer.

It was through a chance meeting with an antiques dealer that Lydia Courteille decided to pursue a career in jewelry design and collection. Ever since then, she has traveled the world over, visiting mines and markets, becoming inspired by new sensations, colors and history. As a free-spirit, she sets her own pace, not afraid to use colors and contrasts that are vibrant and unexpected.

Fueled by her growing interest in jewelry, Courteille studies to become a certified gemologist in 1985. As a certified gemologist, Courteille uses her expertise to seek out rare and precious stones, though she tends to favor those with charm and originality. Not allowing her passion for jewels to be temporally confined, she embraces a wide range of historical periods; some of her most ancient stones find their roots in the early 18th century.

In 1995, the designer’s Paris boutique on rue Saint Honoré begins to establish a reputation for stocking jewels of bewitching appeal.

Courteille’s unique creations feature in designer Alexis Mabille’s Autumn/Winter 2009 haute couture show in Paris.

In 2007 Lydia Courteille launched the Prince Charming collection - a range of striking jeweled frog rings encrusted with precious stones, only available at CoutureLab.

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