In 1972 Leonardo Brugognone, a Sicilian-born businessman, brought up amidst textiles and fashion, decided to open the first Verri boutique in Milan, entirely dedicated to men. This was sited in Milan's fashion rectangle, in the road which gave its name to the boutique: Via Pietro Verri. After just a few years, due to the desire to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele, Verri was transformed into Verri Uomo, a true brand name, renowned for its ability to unite elegance, quality and creativity in a single collection.

In 1978, after the launching of the first publicity campaign, Verri began to enter the overseas markets with great success, expanding its projects beyond national boundaries. In the following year Verri was present for the first time on the catwalks of the Milanese fashion parades with a simple but very high quality collection. The philosophy of the product was characterised by elegance without constraints and clothes of extremely high quality which could, however, be worn at any time and in any place.

Many prestigious boutiques were opened throughout the world due to international diffusion of the brand name in the years following its creation, including New York's first pret-a-porter boutique on Madison Avenue in 1979 and Tokyo's first boutique in 1984.

At the end of the 1980s the Verri style was chosen by Paramount Pictures to create the look and the clothes for Al Pacino, Andy Garcia and Chazz Palminteri in the last episode of The Godfather trilogy by Francis Ford Coppola presented in cinemas in 1990. It was also selected for Don Johnson in the Miami Vice television series.

The middle eastern market began to develop in the 1990s with the opening of the Dubai and Abu-Dhabi boutiques, followed by Kiev in 1999.

Then the Chinese market began to expand from the year 2000 with the opening of single-brand boutiques in the most important squares of the Chinese People's Republic.

The expansion of the eastern market in the Empire of the Rising Sun became much more efficient with the assistance of a twenty-year partnership which sustained Verri during the opening of many shops throughout Japan.

Verri is a brand suitable for the majority, embracing practically everyone whilst encapsulating its acquired experience and history in collections distinguished by quality tailoring, always up to date and with an eye to the future.

It has a long history in the fashion world and for more than 35 years has become the reference point for all those men who wish to create an impression with simplicity united with originality.

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