Kin Tsukayama was born in Okinawa, Japan, where his family has resided for generations. Drawn to the world of design and metalwork, Kin completed an apprenticeship as a metal smith and jewelry designer in Tokyo, Kin Tsukayama became recognized as being the youngest amongst the prestigious Japan Jewelry Designers Association. Passionately skilled and intuitively driven Kin Tsukayam relocated and immersed himself amongst some of New York's biggest names.

In 1989 Kin Tsukayama made his debut as a jewelry designer Launching Studio Waterfall in New York Cities diamond district. Attracting buyers from Barney's Japan, Saks Fifth Ave.

Adorning every woman with glamorous hand sculpted pieces made from platinum, 18kt gold, white gold, flawless diamonds and the finest of jewels.

With the waterfall as the signature statement, Kin Tsukayama proclaims the importance of the beautiful flowing energy of nature and he imbues that energy in every piece created for Studio Waterfall.

The Look

He ensures that all of Studio Waterfall's creations are crafted in platinum and 18K gold. Each season, additions to the line provide the Studio Waterfall collector with inspiration. With the waterfall as his statement, Kin heralds the importance of natural flow and imbues that good energy in each creation. Also, his current collection includes hand-hammered glittering facets, which were inspired by intricate designs taken from traditional Samurai swords.

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