Kean Etro designs the men's collection for Etro, the Italian fashion house founded by his father and based in Milan, his hometown.

Kean Etro has always been one of Milan’s more colourful men’s wear designers, and in his hands, unlikely palettes and prints become appealing additions to any man’s wardrobe.

The Look

His designs are tainted with strong colors and exquisite patterns

Who Wears It

Rocco di Spirito


1988 Etro Heliotrope (W)
1989 Etro Ambra (U)
1989 Etro Gomma (U)
1989 Etro Lemon Sorbet (U)
1989 Etro Royal Pavilion (U)
1989 Etro Sandolo (U)
1989 Etro Vetiver (U)
1989 Etro Magot (W)
1989 Etro Palais Jamais (W)
1989 Etro Vicolo Fiori (W)
1994 Etro Messe de Minuit (U)
1997 Etro Shaal Nur (U)
1998 Etro Patchouly (W)
1999 Etro Etra (U)
2001 Benetroesser Raving (W)
2001 Benetroesser Relent (W)
2001 Benetroesser Resort (W)
2002 Etro New Tradition (W)
2003 Magot (W)
2004 Anice (W)
2006 Diantus
Launchdate unknown Musk (U)

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