Katie Rowland amazed fashion and jewellery critics with her sharp amalgamation of graphics, typography and opulent jewellery. Rowland trained in graphic design at Kingston University in 2003, before discovering her passion for ready to wear and high end jewellery. Rowland released unisex collections 'Love & Faith', 'Heartbreaker' and 'Point Break', a decadent clash of handmade rings, necklaces, knuckledusters and cuffs as a debut. The collections were inspired by traditional and intricate typesetting techniques and inscribed with brazen messages such as 'Ring Me' and 'Love Hate'.

Katie Rowland has become an award-winning brand, designing and producing luxurious high-end adornment.

Lingerie powerhouse Agent Provocateur approached Rowland to design for their Spring 2010 catwalk show and exclusively for their new jewellery line which launched early 2010. Katie continues to work alongside Agent Provocateur's Creative Director, Sarah Shotton, in developing the brand's jewellery collections. She also collaborated with up and coming design talent, Gemma Slack, in Rowland vs. Slack AW10 - a unique take on jewellery as bodywear. Inspired by tales of damned love, Rowland vs. Slack is an exploration into escapism, romance and pleasure that evolved into a series of golden structures with delicatley binding chains in a collection that borders between jewellery and clothing.

The Look

Rowland creates rich jewellery that evokes a personal & sensual relationship with the wearer. She has championed her jewellery on the words, 'luxury, opulence, seductive and playful', whilst her graphic design background has determined her unique use of typography, form, clean lines, use of colours and attention to detail/finishes within the collections. Inspired by the female form and pysche, and the wearability of jewellery as a form of adornment, Katie continues to blur the boundaries between jewellery, fashion and design.

Who Wears It

Cheryl Cole, Coco Sumner, Danny Minogue, Daisy Lowe, Noel Fielding of the Mighty Boosh, Tali Lennox, Kimberly Stewart, Keri Hilson

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