Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi come from the Isle of Man, in the U.K. They were born in the 1970's and met when they were both 18 years old, studying in college on the Isle of Man.

Thornton and Bregazzi first met at the age of 18 in the Isle of Man where they both grew up. Upon graduating from college, Justin designed the successful 2nd Life Collection for designer Helen Storey. Thea worked as a fashion stylist, as well as designing and producing work for special commissions. The duo first designed together when asked by Helen Storey to consult on her Autumn/Winter ‘96/’97 collection.

Justin and Thea opened a small shop in Portobello Green, London, in 1996, calling it Preen. A year later they established a stand-alone shop in Notting Hill, London. In 1998, they went wholesale and by 1999 were selling in Tokyo, in their own two shops. New York and Hong Kong followed.

Preen has taken part in London Fashion Week for several seasons, starting with Spring/Summer 2001.

The Look

Their collections are renowned and appreciated for their distinctive and clever cutting. Their experimentation often starts with the simplest of shapes and then springs off into detail, asymmetry, drape or fold which somehow never ignores a sexy body-shape or a bold silhouette.

Who Wears It

Rihanna, Gemma Arterton, Amy Winehouse, Cheryl Cole,

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