About the designer

Julia & Renata Franco are known as the Mexican ambassadors in the fashion industry.

Origin (family backround, birth)

Julia always liked clothes, since she was a little girl and Renata got into it with time, especially when she saw her sister illustrating her homework, she began getting interested in it.


Julia and Renata Franco studied fashion design in Guadalajara, where they currently live and have their studio.

The two sisters have managed their way into the fashion scene due to their originality and philosophy in experimenting with cuts, fabrics, and proportions while involving the basis of couture and professional tailoring.

Job activities & experiences

Julia and Renata undertook their beginnings as they won the Modapremio México award for their first collection that brought them a trip to New York. While they were there, they get attracted by the attention of fashion designer Patricia Field, who is the designer of the tv-serie “Sex and the City”. In 1993 the Franco sisters launched their own brand named Julia Y Renata and has since then conquered in difficult markets such as New York, Los Angeles and Madrid. Furthermore their designs have been featured in the most prestigious fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Elle and Marie Clare, among others.

They have also been requested by Absolut Vodka to design a special edition bag, and in charge of closing fashion week runway in their country.

In addition the sisters also worked together with Dione Calzados and Luxury Denim Catorce Onzas, for whom they created exclusive capsule collections.

In 2008, the Franco Sisters achieved the México Fashion Awards by Lycra a la Mejor Colección Mujer Ready-To-Wear.

Who Wears It

Alejandra Guzmán, Ely Guerra, Winona Ryder, Jessica Simpson

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