Jerome Dahan grew up in Paris and came of age in Montreal, where in the mid ’70s, he designed his first pair of jeans, which featured embroidered back pockets-an innovation in the early days of designer denim. In the early 1980s, he migrated to Los Angeles, helping establish it as a world capital for the design and manufacturing of premium blue jeans. Dahan’s passion for denim as both a material and an industry has led to a string of high-profile design and brand-building positions at Guess and Lucky Jeans. As a founder of Seven For All Mankind, he brought the concept of luxury denim to the U.S. market and built a 21st century global brand. After a quarter of a century working in the industry, Dahan has emerged as a true visionary. “CITIZENS OF HUMANITY is the ultimate expression and realization of what a denim company can be.

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