Jean Pierre Marty is appointed artistic director of the Féraud house in September 2005. His original background and personality have been tailored by important acquaintances through his life.

Of Catalan origin, Jean Pierre Marty was born and grew up into an artistic environment, thanks particularly to his mother, painter and muse for Dali, whom he met when he was very young. The sun, southern colours, bullfights, fashion, painting, this entire typical Mediterranean environment would certainly have an enormous influence for him to feel so passionate for fashion.

One year voyage to Japan will be the additional catalyst. From that period on, he improves his experiences and works in particular at Yves Saint Laurent and Kenzo for the accessories ranges. Then, he assumes the “pret-a-porter” direction for Guy Laroche, one of the great names of Parisian fashion, and works for a long enriching period for Georges Rech. These two experiences will complete his refined and defined approach of the modern woman.

The Look

Sharing common features with Louis Féraud (who is also a man of the South – from the French Arles region –, fond of painting and attentive to his contemporaries), Jean Pierre Marty presents in his collections a vision of the woman that keeps the same ideals of the brand. Feminin-masculin, graphic features of the abstract painting with its coloured printed papers, black and white, glamour...all contribute to a very female, “Parisian” style, a sort of a draft of a new concept of “contemporary couture”.

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