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Gaby Aghion (born 1921) is a French fashion designer.

Not only the creator of successful French pret-a-porter (Ready-To-Wear) fashion house, Chloé, Gaby Aghion is also accredited with the creation of the term pret-a-porter (Ready-To-Wear) itself.

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, she moved to Paris in 1945 and launched Chloé in 1952.

Described as 'a dark beauty and a bohemian spirit' Gaby rejected the stiff formality of 1950s fashion and created soft, feminine, body conscious clothes from fine fabrics and called them “luxury pret-a-porter”. Unique for their time, they were beautifully made clothes available off the rack.

Gaby Aghion continued to run the house until 1985, when Chloé was bought-out by Dunhill Holdings (now Richemont Group).

The Look

Style, modernity, and a strong sense of femininity have been the key elements of Chloé since its inception. Maintaining a quiet confidence among the Parisian ready-to-wear houses, Chloé has relyied on the abilities of various already-established designers to produce fresh and vibrant clothing which reflected and, in the high points of its history under Martine Sitbon, Karl Lagerfeld, and upstart Stella McCartney defined the zeitgeist of Chloé élan.

Who Wears It

Mary Kate Olsen, Halle Berry, Kate Bosworth, Lauren Conrad,


1975 Chloe
1992 Narcisse (W)
1997 Innocence (W)
2005 Chloe Collection 2005 (W)
2006 Fleur de Narcisse (W)
2008 Chloe Eau de Parfum i (W)
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