Kazumi was born in Tokyo, but she considers herself a citizen of the world as she has lived in 9 cities around the globe including Tokyo, Manila, Mexico City, Boston, Hong Kong, London and Paris to name a few. She has worked for more than 10 years in marketing and sales for a leading global language education company. Kazumi's love for handbags and fashion, coupled with her business expertise has allowed her to realize one of her dreams - to launch her own line with Tokyo's most skilled tailor, her mother!

Fusako is the true force behind the creativity of Chako. It is her eye for design and skills at sewing that makes every handmade clutch so unique. Fusako is also experienced in knitting, patchwork, cooking and painting to name a few. She loves to travel and has lived in Manila and Mexico City and currently resides in Tokyo. Fusako is loving her new chapter in life as an entrepreneur!

The Look

Chako's spirit is in every bag, and each bag is as diverse and beautiful as the woman who carries them. Each clutch is individually designed and handcrafted from genuine silk obi & kimono fabrics and has a detachable chain that enables it to be worn in 3 ways: over the shoulder, on the wrist or as a clutch. Chako bags are also designed so that they maximize every inch of useable fabric.

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