Enrico Coveri was born in Florence, Italy in 1952. He studied at the Accadema delle Belle Arti in Florence.

In 1973, he began working as freelance designer, creating knitwear and sportswear lines for three collections, Toché, Gentry and Tycos making his mark by being one of the first designers to use soft pastel shades.

He moved to Paris in 1978 to work at the Espace Cardin, the vast design institute set up by Pierre Cardin. Shortly after that, he returned to Italy and established his own company in 1979.

Each season the company produced a ready-to-wear women's line and several less expensive boutique collections for men, women, teenagers, and children, as well as a vast array of subsidiary Coveri accessory products such as shoes, bags, hats, scarves, and gloves.

He died in 1990 when he was only 38 years old.

His sister Silvana and her son Franciso Martini (born 1975) took over the operation of the house of Coveri. In 1996 they brought out a "Young Coveri" line using the colourful designs similar to those use by Enrico earlier.

The Look

"You Young" is the name of one of the several seasonal Enrico Coveri collections. It is also perhaps the most succinct description for his bold, unpretentious, and fun-loving fashion: strong, vibrant colors and striking, witty designs that have always been clear and intelligible, with zany prints and knits often incorporating Pop Art designs and cartoon characters. Although he excelled at casual clothing, even his eveningwear exuded a young, sporty, wearable feel. Coveri enjoyed shocking and going out on a limb with design.


1982 Paillettes (W)
1987 Enrico Coveri (W)
1987 Enrico Coveri (M)
1993 Firenze (W)
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