Emily and Ashley grew up in Connecticut, but are currently based in New York City, and continue to be inspired by the jewelry of their effortlessly chic grandmother

It all began when a bracelet of Ashley’s broke and Emily decided to fix it with a pair of pliers from her father’s toolbox. When she was successful in her endeavor, the girls realized the possibility of their childhood dream coming to reality. Their first collection, Greenbeads, launched in 1999. The Emily & Ashley Collection started in 2002 when a passion for fine jewelry led the sisters to the creation and production of a 14k and 18k line.

The Look

Sisters, Emily & Ashley Green create chic, distinctive pieces using precious stones and 14 karat gold.

Who Wears It

Hillary Duff, Molly Sims, Jennifer Garner, Natalie Portman, Katie Couric

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