Emilio Cavallini launched his own line after tiring of creating looks for other designers. That was back in 1970, and the company has operated successfully out of its birthplace in Tuscany ever since.

After developing the idea to use a hosiery machine to make seamless garments, Emilio Cavallini set his mind on accomplishing just that and the results are a triumph of technology and design.

Cavallini's first collection, called "another man for another woman," was an instant hit, especially in Italy, where Cavallini continues to enjoy enormous popularity.

Since 1980, when the Emilio Cavallini brand was registered, the designer has been strongly expressing his determined style: unconventional, eccentric, ever changing. The Emilio Cavallini brand then started to be sold in the best department stores of the world: from Bloomingdales and Barney’s to Selfriges and his garments are shown on the most trendy magazines.

The Look

The Emilio Cavallini style is unmistakable for its creativity: geometric cuts, optical motifs, strong colors. Cavallini's form conscious jersey sportswear is part dancer's bodysuit and part avant gard knitwear. Necklines were drapey and shoulders were askew. Interesting textures were key, with ruffles, smocking, and jacquards. The use of solid colors emphasized the personality of the fabrics, but was also printed on with graphics. Of course, there were some seriously bold legwear in various patterns. Also worth noting is how Cavallini used his innovations to create lace and netting which trimmed and accented. The radical fashions of Emilio Cavallini are the uniform for a new, complex generation driven by modern technology.

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