Born in 1975, Dinh Bá arrived in Montreal from Saigon at the age of 8. As fate would have it, he discovered the world of clothing and fashion at a very young age, quickly developing his talent for drawing and the arts while assisting his mother who worked as a seamstress.

In time, he mastered garment creation and quickly became a true fashion couturier. In 2000, he completed his College Degree in fashion design at Lasalle College. From the beginning of his college training, he was recognized both for his originality and his classical style.

In 1998, he represented Canada in the renouned Concours Jeune Créateur International in Paris, where he was a finalist - three times - for excellence mode jeune designer. And he stood out in Montreal in 1999, where he was first runner-up in the competition for the opening of the Simons store. His career is punctuated with successes, as he set his sights on winning every contest he entered. His determination, and his high personal standards are traits which set him apart.

Since the start of his career, he has had the good fortune to work beside and co-create with Lino Catalano, as well as Chez Bégain and Mackage. From there came his determination to make his mark among the big names in fashion.

In 2004, Dinh Bá was given the opportunity of selling his creations at the Aim Com Moi store in Montréal, launching Dinh Bá Design that same year. Targeting smart, modern business women, the collection offers day/evening alternatives that meet his clientele’s current needs.

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