Dilek Hanif launched her brand „Dilek Hanif Line“ in 1990 from a small atelier in Istanbul creating ready-to-wear clothes.

Her creations got attention when local celebrities, such as Turkish star Hulya Avsar started wearing the label.

After 1998, she continued as a haute couture designer and moved her showroom to Tesvikiye where she still continues to work. In 2002, she organized her first fashion show in the historical Saint Irene Church in Istanbul.

The major international breakthrough for the designer came in 2004, when she had a haute couture show during the Paris Fashion Week.

The brand's collections are usually showcased in Istanbul or Paris, but occasional shows have also taken place in Lisbon.

In May 2004, she presented her collection again in Ankara to support the Meva foundation as part of an international project pioneered by Ralph Lauren called “Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.”

The Look

Hanif’s inspirations range from Ottoman armory to whirling dervishes and blend seamlessly into her contemporary gowns. The subtle references can be appreciated in the exquisite details which she elegantly incorporates in her rich choice of colors (think turquoise, corals, gold and ochre) and intricately embroidered needlework. Dilek Hanif also plays with textiles that add another layer of sophistication and complexity to her designs. From flowing silks to structured kaftans, the designer gracefully blends Ottoman and Turkish influences. True to her Turkish roots, Dilek Hanif mixes Orient with Occident and does so in style.

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