About the designer

Daniel Andrade is a Mexican fashion designer from Guadalajara.

Origin (family backround, birth)

He was born on 21 August 1984.


Daniel Andrade graduated at the Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESO) where he attend the degree in design. Later he completed his fashion studies degree in the intersive “Fashion Surgery” taught by 3 teachers, Dean Sidaway, Jane Francis e Ian Scott Kettle, at the Central Saint Martin's College in London, England.

Job activities & experiences

In the beginning of his career Daniel was focused on graphic and textile areas until he decided to completely dedicate himself to the textile industry. His move into textiles led him into the design and creation of theatrical clothing.

Daniel Andrade is a member of the selective group of designers called “Designers by Kaltex Program.” His involvement in the program has given him the opportunity to consolidate his skills in the field of design and development of fabrics. For his designs, Daniel uses high quality materials which help him to make his business stronger as well as ensure sustainable growth.

The Look

His unique style is characterized by a combination of delicate fabrics with more aggressive ones, thus having enigmatic cocktail dresses and casual clothing with nostalgic contemporary designs. The clothes are made from handcraft fabrics which give each piece a unique style but always functional.

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