Damir Doma is a fashion designer based in Paris.

Damir Doma was born in Croatia, 1981, before going on to study fashion on Munich and Berlin. He grew up in southern Germany near the lake Chiemsee where his mother has a clothing atelier. He calls his mother an influent person in his own development. He graduated in 2004 with magna cum laude for the best collection. After his graduation Damir Doma moved to Belgian Fashion Capital Antwerp and started to work within the group of designers Ann Demeulemeester and later Raf Simons and Dirk Schoenberger. His time at Raf Simons has been taughted as having had a big impact of the young designer finding his now unique aesthetic and style.

2007 saw Damir Doma debut at Paris Fashion Week and kicked off the fashion world’s love for the designers contemporary take on menswear, and his ability to create a masculine aesthetic through his signature draping.

2010 also see’s the launch of Damir Doma’s Silent collection, a simplified look at Doma’s signature aesthetic through a line of basics for men and women.

Who Wears It

Lenny Kravitz, Bruce Springsteen, Robert Pattinson


2009 Series Two No1 Phillip Lim Collage (U)
2009 Series Two No2 Damir Doma End/Beginning (U)
2009 Series Two No3 Henrik Vibskov Solar Donkey Power (U)
2009 Series Two No4 Henry Holland Smell (U)
2009 Series Two No5 Richard Nicoll Nicoll No.17 (U)
2009 Series Two No6 Togal Whiskey Caramelise (U)
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