Christine Morton is a Vancouver-based fashion designer best known for luxurious silk lingerie in couture fabrics.

Christine was born in Glasgow, Scotland. When she was nine, she and her family immigrated to Canada and settled in West Vancouver, British Columbia. She was always fascinated with the beauty and texture of silk and antique lace and her private collection became one of the largest in Canada and the cornerstone of her thriving lingerie business.

Immediately following her Fashion Design studies at Columbia College in Vancouver, Christine established a custom-design business specializing in silk lingerie. The on-of-a-kind creations soon developed into a limited edition collection and in 1973, with the label Christine and Company, she was the first to launch a line of silk lingerie in Canada.

Christine has achieved international recognition as a designer and manufacturer of high end silk lingerie.

The Look

Christine Morton designs feature exquisite laces and luxurious textures silks with a tremendous dedication to couture detail.

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