Originally from Covington, Georgia, Camilla was one of two children and her mother was a librarian. Camilla graduated from Vanderbilt University and then moved to New York to attend the graduate program at New York University. Her first job in the financial world was as a security analyst for Chase Manhattan Bank, and then she went to Seiden and de Cuevas as a security analyst / institutional salesman. In 1973, she was a founding partner of Furman, Selz, Mager, Dietz, and Birney, Inc., which specialized in funding the type of small- and medium-size growth companies often overlooked by larger investment firms. The firm was sold to Xerox in 1987.

In 1989, Ms. Bergeron’s passion for collecting jewelry led her to become a jewelry dealer. She is currently president of Camilla Dietz Bergeron, Ltd., a dealer in antique, period, estate, and contemporary jewelry. She teaches at the annual jewelry and gemstone conference on Long Island and is a member of the Executive Board and past president of the American Society of Jewelry Historians. She lectures frequently for museums and other organizations on both jewelry and business topics.

Since her graduation, Ms. Bergeron has been involved in many areas of the Vanderbilt community. A former Vanderbilt College Cabinet member, she is a former president of the New York Vanderbilt Club, as well as a former member of the Owen Graduate School of Management Committee of Visitors.

She has been actively involved in a number of professional organizations, including The Committee of 200 (for which she served as membership chairman, regional chairman, and member of the Foundation board) and Bard Graduate College for the Decorative Arts.

She is married to Jean Bergeron.

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