the designer

Arkadiusz Weremczuk was born in Lublin (Poland) who lives in London.

Bevor he started as a fashion designer, Arkadius wanted to be a teacher. In fact, he graduated 1992 at the Jagiellonia University in Krakow to be one. Then he left Poland and went to Tuscany to work as a waiter. Later, he moved to Munich, where he worked.

In 1994, for reasons only known to him, he packed up his bags and left for London. He entered St. Martin’s. In his second year at Central Saint Martins college of Art and Design he met Alexander McQueen, who offered him a job and Browns dedicated ist entire window to his collection.

He had his first scheduled runway show at London Fashion Week, and also received a slot at the Paris Fashion Week. His "Out of the Closet" exhibit has already been featured by Sotheby's wearable art.

In 2000 he received the New Generation Award from British Fashion Council and Elle Style Award. In 2001 he received an award from NESTA. In December 2002, he created costumes for the National Opera's performance of Mozart's "Don Giovanni."

Arkadius has been extremely active staging catwalk shows around the world. Since launching his label, Arkadius has had 28 shows at important events around the world, from London to New York, Sao Paulo, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow and many more. Besides 8 shows on the much hyped London Fashion Week shedule, there have been collaborations on a series of international shows.

The new Strategy of Arkadius as a company is based mainly on licensing with a few highly professional companies, who are the leaders in their own field. The first product launched in January 2005, are sunglasses and spectacles, under a name of: 'Arkadius Goggles' and 'Arkadius Eyes'. Other products are scheduled to appear on the market in the Autumn of 2005. The brand philosophy:

'Dare to be different' is rapidly finding its niche market around the world among the young rebellious, non conformists. Apart from working in the fashion field, Arkadius made his debut as a costume designer when Placido Domingo appointed him to design costumes for the production of Mozart's Don Giovanni. The opera received ist premiere in May 2003 at the Los Angeles Opera House. He has also designed interior for a Farol Design Hotel in Portugal in 2004.

The Look

Arkadius is known for his handcrafted detail, Furthermore he is also a sharp tailor and posses a great imagination. He can create something from nothing.

Who Wears It

Ashanti, Christian Aguilera, Dita von Teeze, Graham Norton, Kora, Mary J Blige, Pink, Bjork, Alicia Keys

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