Anne Fontaine was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. At y young age she developed a passion for the protection of the environment and took off on an adventure across Brazil. She spent several months in Amazonia, living at the heart on an indigenous tribe that would initiate her into their customs and instill her with a love for natural materials and their virtues.

French on her father’s side, her roots eventually led her back to France, and it was in Monaco that she would pursue her environmentalist initiatives with an organization working for the protection of whales. Shortly thereafter she would meet her future husband, with whom she would “get into fashion”.

Anne was twenty-two years old when she first approached her husband- the director of a family contracting business serving the biggest names in the fashion industry- with the idea of designing the very first collection of white shirts… entirely for women. More than five hundred models would be conceived from this initial concept, which would then be pared down into a smaller selection to launch the very first Anne Fontaine collection. The year was 1993.

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