Anjara García was born in Seville in 1980. Her creativity was beeing shown since she was very young; she moved to Barcelona for studing Fashion design in La Llotia and when she wasn´t even 20 years old, she won the price to the best collection on the Mustang Fashion Show in “FIB Benicassim 2000”.

During those years she was studing in Barcelona, she managed the production from Circuit, a multidisciplinar fashion show where art, fashion and music were joint. Since then she has being showing the multifaceted woman that she is. Always avant-garde, in 2002 Anjara decided to present her collection Spring-Sumer 2003 by a short film.

Once she had her titulation, decided to move back to her city of origin, Seville. There she created a fashion agency and showroom, where in the future she would present her collections Spring-Summer 2005 and Fall-Winter 2006. On the following years she look par in different fashion shows such as Pret-a-Porter "Atmosphere” in Paris and SIMM “Espacio Cibeles” in Madrid. In there she introduced her brand internationally.

2006 was definitely a very inportant year for the designer: the brand Anjara was stablished with the openning from her first boutique in Almirante street number 22 in Madrid. She worked under the initiative The Open Night in which business located in the borough of Almirante, Madrid opened their doors the first Thursday of each month until 12am, offering an attractive and original shopping alternative.

Nowadays ANJARA counts with her own store in Madrid, on the heart from Triball, a particular space where you can also find the showroom and the office. ANJARA is also showing her collections in various international fashion fairs like Bread&Butter (Berlín), Who’s Next (París) and CPH Vision (Copenhague).

Beside all her work as disigner, Anjara also colaborates in other different projects: between some of her last colaborations they can destacar SURGENIA (Andalusian Technology Design Center) with the creation of en exclusive jewel wich is exhibited on the exposition “Enjoya”. On 2009 Anjara was part from the jury on the “Injuve” Fashion Design Prices. On 2009, she got a price Evolución’09 for the recognition to her creativity, given by the magazine “El Duende” and PlayStation.

In 2010 Anjara debuted on Cibeles Fashion Show: with the collection Attitude, the sevillian shined on the catshow, showing an interesting and comercial proposal.

Anjara continued her colaborations, highlighting the realized with the Technology and Innovation Textil Center from Andalucia. Anjara went to Cordoba to participate, as a ponent, in a cicle about fashion; shearing with the studentes, all her experience.

Since 2008 Anjara García lives in Shanghai were she combine her designer activity with Deejing, playing music in the best clubs from Shanghai.

The Look

Anjara designs for a strong, dynamic and audacious modern who is both urban and cosmopolitan, but above all a fighter. The classical elegance of her collections is not at odds with their cutting-edge spirit, where refined cut merges with visionary philosophy.

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