Andre-Edouard Marty was born in Paris, France in 1882.

He illustrated fashion for many magazines, including the Gazette du Bon Ton, Le Gout du Jour, Femina, Vogue, Les Feuillets d'Art, Harpers Bazaar and Modes et Manieres d'Aujourd'hui.

The first two illustrations from 1914, are from the Gazette du Bon Ton.

Conde Naste brought him to Vogue along with other artists from the Gazette, around 1920. He valued these artists. In 1923 Vogue published photographs in the magazine of their accredited illustrators which included Marty.

In 1922, Vogue told the story of the exploits of 6 Parisiennes. Marty got Sylvie, worldly, sophisticated, discreet and married, with a Siamese cat called Pouti. Also in 1922 Marty shows off Lanvin's new silhouettes at the golf course and on the boulevard.

In 1923, Marty takes us to the salon of Doeuillet, the first of the great Place Vendome salons to follow Patou and have a preview before the press. Also in 1923, a tea party vignette to show the 1923 summer frocks.

In 1933, there was one final cover of Vogue from Marty before he died in 1934 at the age of 52.

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