Goransson left Sweden in 1997 to study Fashion BA at London’s Middlesex University. Mainly self-taught, DaSilva moved to London in 1995 and gained many of his practical skills from working as a tailor of Her Majesty’s Royal Guards from 2001 to 2003. DaSilve and Goransson also worked for designers including Boudicca, Oscar Suleyman, and Hussein Chalayan prior to founding their label.

In April 2006 the design label was short listed for the Fashion Fringe competition, they have also been awarded the British Fashion Council New Generation sponsorship prize four times.

The Look

Like any collaboration, their work represents a meeting ground of two individuated aesthetics and backgrounds, the synthesis is anything but a compromise. Their design approach is highly intellectual, with a tendency toward the avant-garde. They often play with proportion and utility in surprising and surreal ways, as to subvert with the surety of our expectations, while suggesting new ways of approaching objects. This could be anything from a handbag with a giant safety pin handle, a belt with an excess of buckles, or a bag that zips up into a square. And while Borba Margo’s creations always confound the general banality of women’s accessories, they do so with a skill and maturity that makes them highly covetable designer items. The result of their material explorations always yields accessories that are supremely sleek, bold, sexy, and original.

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