Born in Iran and raised in Europe and the U.S., Amis Garrigue has a unique perspective in fashion. Combining Persian tradition with French elegance and American modernity, she founded her eponymous line ‘Amis,’ a collection of handbags made from antique tapestries.

The line was so unique and innovative, that she won the FGI Rising Star Award 2004 for accessories.

But that was not the first time that Amis’ entrepreneurial spirit had been recognized. As a teen-ager in Dallas, she was part of an underground fashion movement, wherein she designed handbags and accessories, which she sold in turn to family and friends.

Though she wanted to continue designing, life’s twists and turns brought her to New York where she became a fashion stylist and there, she eventually met French photographer Guillaume Garrigue, who would be her partner in life.

Dividing her time between Paris and Dallas, Amis found herself gravitating to her first love – fashion designing.

And that was when she founded “Amis,” a limited edition handbag company. Wanting to expand her horizon, she teamed up with Eric Jarossay, a former designer for Yves Saint Laurent and Paris-based designer Andrew Gn to launch Garrigue & Jarossay, handbags made of the finest leather, satins and silks, which are covered with the most exquisite embroideries made exclusively in Europe.

The response to Garrigue & Jarossay is so phenomenal that pieces were being sold during trunk shows, even before the items reach the store shelves.

It is not just the fashionistas who had recognized Garrigue & Jarossay’s unique designs and quality workmanship. Women’s Wear Daily, Dallas Morning News, Texas Monthly and Celebrated Living have all written editorials about the handbag line.

But Amis has not been spoilt with the immediate success of the brand. She is already making plans for the future, such as partnering with designers both in New York and Paris to show Garrigue & Jarossay on the runway.

With a good head on her shoulders and acute business instinct plus a flair for design, Amis has what it takes to succeed in the very competitive world of fashion. No wonder, FGI called her a ‘rising star.’

In 2007 she joined "7 FOR ALL MANKIND" to launch an Accessory / Handbag collection. It has been truly an amazing experience and she was proud to be a part of such talented team.

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