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Zucca was launched in 1988. In 1989 the Zucca collection was introduced and began showing in Paris twice annually.

The uniform brand HAKUI was launched in 1992 and lincensed by HAKUYOSHA Co., Ltd.

In 1994 Zucca TRAVAIL was launched, a work-wear inspired produced by uniform factory S.A. Ets BERAHA in Bordeaux France.

In 1996 CABANE de ZUCCA was launched, wristwatch series in collaborations with SEIKO WATCH CORPORATION.

In 2003 ZUCCA DESIGN OFFICE Inc. was established.

Zucca clothing is available in a limited number of boutiques around the world, and primarily in major fashion hubs such as Paris, London, and New York. The label has been expanding in recent years as the brand gains greater attention in worldwide circles and becomes more available for purchase.

The Look

Onozuka�s designs, often seen as an expression of his artistic experimentation seek to combine many different factors into each product, with functionality only one goal of many. He seeks out inspiration in everything from literature and art to travel and his family.
The process is the most important aspect of the design process for Onozuka and has often resulted in unexpected creations and new designs sprouting from existing plans. The majority of fashions developed by Onozuka have been simple casual wear that has been made to look edgier for a fashion conscious consumer base, creating an eager, loyal group of customers.

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