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founded by

Mauro & Manuel Zoppini

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A typical Florentine company, that in less than a decade has affirmed its name on a high level sector in the jewelry business. "Zoppini srl", was founded by Mauro and Manuel Zoppini in 1997.

As a result of excellent managing skills and thanks to a high added value, Zoppini has grown significantly during the last few years.

The Zoppini brothers have with great talent and professionality created and designed a fast growing company that distinguishes itself from all its competitors with a unique style that attracts individuals throughout the world.

Today the name Zoppini is synonymous for quality, professionalism and fashion. It also remains a leader in the production of stainless steel and gold, and a constant innovator in creating new lines, products and materials. Zoppini evolves its products in stride with the latest fashion trends with significant creative details that characterize itself from other jewellery available on today�s market and always attracts positive attention.

In the last years, the company has also been an important presence on the foreign markets like the US, Canada, Brazil and some European countries.

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