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Activewear is the rh+ range of technical apparel designed for people who practice active sports outdoors in the countryside. These technical garments are strongly oriented around technical design. This creates a balance between functionality and emotions, between technical features and Italian style, and focuses on details for superior quality. Our products are designed by sportspeople for those who see sport as a passion and a lifestyle.

Every rh+ product must offer maximum freedom of movement during sports activities. Elasticity, flexibility, lightness, safety, grip and durability are the rh+ reference parameters that ensure supreme comfort and top-notch performance even in extreme conditions.

Action, dynamism, physicality, technical innovation, performance, experience. Nature, environment, elegance, versatility, design, Mediterranean style. Cycling, snow, active riding, outdoor, wellness, endurance. These keywords epitomize the rh+ spirit and inspire versatile technical products for sports and an active lifestyle, 365 days a year.

Activewear features three collections: BIKE, SNOW, zero/2000.

The Snow collection is designed for the world of winter sports with technical apparel for skiing, snow sports and fun on the slopes that combine high-tech features with Italian style and meticulous attention to quality and detail. Enjoy the snow on the slopes or widen your horizons with a dynamic approach to action riding, winter walking and leisure time with the FreeLogic line. The Snow collection features two key lines: Ski Dynamic and Zero/2000 fall-winter.

The Bike collection epitomizes the rh+ approach to the world of cycling and mountain biking: high-tech, high-performance and top-quality apparel featuring meticulously designed details created for amateur and professional cycling, competitive touring, long distance cycling and women�s cycling.

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