United Kingdom
35 Dover Street Mayfair
London W1S 4NQ
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Wright & Teague jewellery is the collective work of artist jewellers Gary Wright and Sheila Teague founded in 1984. The jewellery is created and exhibited in their Dover Street gallery, Mayfair.

The artists create a metaphor for the universal themes of chaos and calm through jewellery. The seeming immutability of precious metals is transformed through a precise, intuitive understanding of craftsmanship driven by the energy of innovative ideas to become an object of serene beauty.

The Look

Wright & Teague design fine jewellery with integrity and passion that is significant and distinctive to evoke an emotional response in the wearer.

Who Wears It

Claudia Shiffer, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, Emma Watson, Bonnie Wright,

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