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One of the most famous lingerie brands in the world, Wonderbra has become a generic term for push-up. Created in 1963 by the Canadian fashion designer Louise Poirier.

Although long known in Canada and the UK, Wonderbra made its U.S. debut by positioning itself as a sexy, more natural-looking alternative to the highly structured bras of earlier generations. In the early 90's the plunge style bra became a mega-hit in Great Britain, which made it a natural for an international roll-out. It hit the U.S. with almost as much fanfare as the Beatles a few decades earlier. A combination of gutsy, edgy advertising and high-quality product quickly put Wonderbra at the top of the market.

The Wonderbra enhanced a woman's cleavage with its special push-up system. It inspired many imitations and become something bordering on a cultural icon, in part thanks to the image of Eva Herzigova, the model used for its first advertising campaign. The Council of Fashion Designers of America called it "an unprecedented phenomenon in the fashion industry."

Since it's debut, Wonderbra has expanded its line to include strapless and lift bras as well as panties and thongs. They continually expand the line with new designs and styles offering varying levels of shaping and lift. Wonderbra has become not just a lingerie item, but a vital fashion accessory and cultural icon. The brand has expanded beyond dramatic cleavage to create an entire lingerie wardrobe.

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