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Voluptuous is a refreshingly exclusive clothing line option for the fashion-forward women sized 14 to 24. Voluptuous Clothing was launched in 1998, by 23 year-old Angela Samuels, a former full-figured model. In addition to her modeling career, Angela has a degree in child and youth care, which she applied to her work with juvenile offenders. During this time, Angela noticed how much the larger girls� self-esteem was tied to their appearance. It occurred to her that these girls couldn�t feel better about themselves if they were constantly faced with styles and messages that didn�t reflect what they saw in the mirror. Coupled with her experience in the slim-obsessed fashion world, Angela was even more determined to empower women with the self-esteem they needed, thereby improving their potential for success.

Angela began Voluptuous Clothing as an initiative to empower young women through vibrant, flattering and stylish clothing. Angela hired her sister, Karen Samuels and mother Cynthia Rowe together they took on the task of changing the views of plus sized women. Today, as a result of her hard work, determination and the strong support of her family-run executive team, Voluptuous Clothing is a powerful retail phenomenon with a loyal customer base and continuously increasing sales.Voluptuous has tripled in sales over the past several years.

When Angela opened her first store in 2001 at the North York Sheridan Mall, she had no expectations. However, she did experience her �ah, ha!� moment when the reaction from women was overwhelmingly positive. No one could believe that the concept of fun, chic clothing for full-figured women hadn�t been previously thought of and brought to market. Since then, Voluptuous Clothing has emerged as the premier option for amply-proportioned women to accentuate their curves and express their style.

Since opening the doors of her flagship store in North York Sheridan Mall, Toronto�s premium fashion center, in 2001, Angela now has five locations in the Greater Toronto area. She and her business have been featured on Breakfast Television and Canada AM, as well as in Toronto Life and Lou Lou Magazine. A multi-million dollar company, Voluptuous Clothing is also the inspiration for Angela�s in-development Canadian reality TV show, Voluptuous. The program chronicles how the featured women defy what society says is sexy and how they are changing those perceptions. Angela is poised and ready to spread her company culture around the globe: a sexy, bolder you!

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