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The Vivia Ferragamo label was launched in 2002 in London by the Florentine designer, granddaughter of the late Salvatore Ferragamo, Vivia Ferragamo. Collection included ready-to-wear and accessories ranges to propose a style, that is both modern and of quality.

Vivia Ferragamo clothing and accessories line eventually won popularity in Europe and Asia and she debuted in the US fall 2008, launching a collection in Manhattan, where her fresh, perspective, unique pieces finally become available stateside.

Vivia brand is based in Florence in terms of factories, but is multicultural in relation to it’s creative germination.

In 2009 Vivia partnered with Liberty of London department store, introducing here spring/summer shoe collection in a light-coloured palette such as wood, Tabasco and white, depicted as sophisticated with an edge.

The Look

Initial collection represented purple as the leading colour and was aimed at woman who is independent and loves to travel and is not afraid to express herself. Vivia’s style is redolent of journey conception more than of anything else.

Who Wears It

Gwyneth Paltrow, Kylie Minogue, the Ting Tings

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