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Versus watches are urban and youthful, dynamic and confident. The 2009 Versus collection of timepieces emphasizes the use of bold, edgy design. It embodies the novel combination of fine materials and the insatiable attention to impressive detailing.

The Look

The Versus Woman collection combines dynamic spirit with feminine flair, melding primordial instincts and design, elegantly mirrored in circular paillettes of polished steel, symbolizing strength and beauty. The collection for men is characterized by classic, understated elegance � with lines reflecting the quality and design of a high fashion brand, without compromising the visual impact.


1984 Gianni Versace (W)
1984 Versace l�Homme (M)
1989 V�E Versace (W)
1991 Versus Donna
1991 Versus (M)
1993 Mediterraneum (M)
1994 Red Jeans (W)
1994 Blue Jeans (M)
1995 Baby Rose Jeans (W)
1995 Blonde (W)
1995 Baby blue Jeans (W)
1995 Pink Jeans (M)
1995 Green Jeans (M)
1996 Yellow Jeans (W)
1996 Versus V (W)
1996 The Dreamer (M)
1997 White Jeans (W)
1997 Black Jeans (M)
1998 V/S Versus (W)
2000 Metal Jeans Women
2000 Metal Jeans (M)
2000 2Thousand
2000 Versace Woman
2000 Essence Emotional
2000 Essence Ethereal
2000 Essence Exciting
2000 V/S Homme
2001 Versus Time for Energy (U)
2001 Versus Time for Pleasure (W)
2001 Versus Time to Relax (U)
2002 Jeans Couture (W)
2002 Jeans Couture (M)
2003 Mediterranean Sport (W)
2003 Jeans Couture Glam (W)
2003 Versace Man
2003 Versus Time for Action (M)
2004 Crystal Noir (W)
2006 Bright Crystal (W)
2006 Versace Man Eau Fraiche
2007 Versace (W)
2007 Versace Pour Homme

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