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V.B.H. is an Italian luxury accessories house, the core of which is a line of men's and women's luxury leather bags along with a collection of fine jewelry and decorative home objects. VBH stands for V. Bruce Hoeksema, the company's founder and head designer. Despite being based in Rome, all leather goods are exclusively produced and located in Florence. Using the finest materials and engaging in the finest of the Italian craftsmanship, it comes as no surprise that each of VBH's contemporary design works are unique, elegant and timeless. Every single piece is individually handcrafted and sewn by small teams of experienced expert artisans at the company-owned Atelier in Florence. Adding all these ingredients together, it does not surprise that the timelessly beautiful VBH bags sell exclusively in limited quantity and have a fan following that includes Michelle Obama.

VBH was started as a responce to designer's friends, acquaintances and clients quieries when they were looking for a special handbag that wasn�t necessarily mass produced and owned by everyone they knew. Bags have a discreet luxury about them, and that is a deliberate part of VBN's design strategy to create a modern, chic and subtle collection rather than flashy and overdone pieces. Less is more and VBH is chic and sophisticated with a modern edge.

We all know VBH for their envelope clutches but there is an entire world in their vast collection that is way more spectacular and so luxurious it is almost absurd. As soon as you walk in to their Madison boutique (at 74th St.) you know you have arrived in a special place where special things can be bought. It is an old bank building with super high ceilings and different sitting areas for you to lounge as you mull over your purchases. Who would be so bold and fabulous as to lavish us in such fine fashion?

Beyond Italy, The House also has 10,000 Sq. Foot flagship store located in New York City at 940 Madison Avenue.


VBH Luxury, Italian Luxury Accessories House, was launched in 1999 with the purpose to produce exclusive modern accessories line and an innovative approach to the ever-changing luxury market. The label was created by, and named after the ex-president of Valentino, Mr V. Bruce Hoeksema, whose initials form the company name, when after 25 years of working in luxury fashion, he felt thalt it was a good time to offer something new.

Later a jewelry collection was added to the label with gothic, dark and more fashion-forward designs.

Also there was built the 1,000-sq-m space store on New York City's Upper East Side, another store in Rome and a Florence factory to produce leather accessories that will complement the jewelery.

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Discreet luxurious accessories

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Michelle Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow

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