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Carlos Musso and Antonio Porta

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Carlos Musso and Antonio Porta


Unisa is a Spanish footwear brand internationally renowned. Its designs are mainly known for comfort and for the quality of the materials used, that is the reason why a large amount of women trust and seek for the brand; it’s a company that adapts fashion to modern women’s lifestyle and comfort.

The idea of founding UNISA is born in Spain in the 70’s. Although formerly conceived as only a footwear export company, not too long after the launching, the company evolves into a woman footwear manufacturer company as well, covering Spain and the rest of Europe. This happens thanks to the meeting of two businessmen: Carlos Musso and Antonio Porta. Their experience including footwear factory management in Elda and brands launching and supported also by their familiar background, the two businessmen lay the foundations for exportation in Europe. Elda becomes the cornerstone of all operations.

Musso, Porta and their team begin hiring designers from all over the world, who share their same taste and product philosophy, this contributing to get always a fresh and multicultural collection. The brand, founded on multiculturalism, cares for this aspect as a valued treasure.

Unisa Europa specialises in footwear for the cosmopolitan woman who is after both fashion and comfort at a reasonable price.

In 1989, the opportunity arises to found Unisa Europa as an independent brand from the American one. The first solely European collection is created, more in accordance with the Old World taste. Unisa Europa looks for a more refined and original character. It is first distributed together with other big brands. The product is especially well received by the German and French markets, and begins to be well-known all over Europe. Ever since that moment, the plan for commercial expansion has no limits; the collections, mainly produced in Spain, increase their sales dramatically and find their space in the best European multi-brand boutiques. Nowadays, the current stage of the expanding project is the opening of their own stores -a notorious support for the brand recognition, with a store located at the heart of Rome, the just opened in Madrid, and the next openings in Paris and Barcelona.

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