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The Tuwe brand was founded in 2006 and soon characterized by its glamour image and the cure of the product in its minimum details.

The style, quality and materials used in the collections, has enabled to enter the international market with excellent results, succeeding quickly in being competitive with larger brands who have been in the fashion trade for years.

The target of the Tuwe line is geared to a public with a discerning eye for accuracy, freshness and exclusiveness of the product. The dominance of an elevated, qualitative target is a must, and the constant research is a basis of the company’s philosophy.

The main office includes a production department where the collection is designed and developed. This allows the company to present a 100% “Made in Italy” product. The mission which accompanies the company for years in governed by their motto ”Error is a luxury which does not belong to us; and must never belong to us!” this mentality is present at all levels of the work force.

The product is distributed in Italy and abroad across a network of agents and distributors.

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