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Triton is the main line of the fashion designer Tufi Duek. It is dedicated to a younger audience compared to the diffusion line Forum.

Tufi Duek founded the brand in Sao Paulo in 1975, when he was just 21 years old. In the early stages Triton produced only t-shirts. Later the collection expanded to include also Jeans and accessories.

Tudi Duek invested heavily in marketing to get the brand across the audience to be identified as a young and modern fashion brand worldwide.

The collection is created by a team of stylists presented by Karen Fuke (Director), Mirella Katzender, Léo Sgotti, Bruan Bolsonare and Vanessa Cachiello.

Triton launched two collections every year, which are shown regularly at the Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

Triton is distributed through 37 own points of sales and at more than 750 multi-brand stores throughout Brazil.

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