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In September 1997, Tristan Webber launched his first collection in front of the world’s most distinctive press. In a small, but packed venue in London, known as the Café de Paris, Tristan showed ‘Genus Orchidaon Daemonix’, a collection inspired by the natural variations of orchids, wild animals and exotic insects.

Now with sixteen catwalk collections in the company archive the business is at the leading edge of quality and modern design.

Since the label was established, Tristan Webber has enjoyed numerous creative partnerships most recently with ultra-modern body-scanning company Bodymetrics, who have developed a process of 3-dimensional body scanning. Tristan Webber is working with Bodymetrics to create a bespoke denim service, which offers men and women the chance to have the perfect pair of jeans made for them.

Following the success of Tristan’s first collection of made-to-measure couture jeans launched in Selfridges in 2005 – Bodymetrics have commissioned an architect designed ‘pod’ and consultation suite with in the brand new denim department on the 2nd floor of Selfridges, also to be mirrored at Le Bon Marche, Paris.

The Look

The focal point for Webber's work is luxury, particularly in leather. Although leather makes up the main part of his work, he also uses sharkskin, real fur, wool and rubber latex in his collections. His compositions are hard and soft, assertive yet fragile.
His leather designs are inspired by muscle patterns and some of the more intricate pieces are embroidered with interpretations of muscle form. He says: "There is always a strong concept behind my work, but I don't expect everyone to get it. What I do is not disposable fashion, London needs more luxury goods, but modern and hard."
Stripped of all conceptualism, however, Webber's clothes remain beautiful precision-cut luxurypieces.

Who Wears It

Lily Cole, Jodie Kidd and Brooke Shields

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