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Giovanni Estrada and José Alfredo Silva

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Giovanni Estrada and José Alfredo Silva


Jose Alfredo Silva and Giovanni Estrada met at university and during the last years they participated in a radio program that called “Al Margen de Costura”. This program consisted of analysing the fashion world in conjunction with a variety of global perspectives. After this experience they realized they had a similar outlook on fashion and the way it should be shaped in the future. Then they started to work together. As a result of this new formed partnership they decided to launch a luxurious fashion brand, leading to the creation of the collection Alicia melodiosa collection.

In the years that followed, Jose Alfredo obtained masters in France while the brand development was in a period of hiatus. On his return a fashion retailer offered an opportunity to showcase the collection. Both designers decided to wait as they felt the right moment wasn’t there yet. “ Trista’s” a pret- a –porter brand emerged as an encapsulation of mystical sensuality, character, that Jose Alfredo and Giovanni were looking for.

The Look

Nostalgic, romantic, elegant and sophisticated. Trista’s designs are focused on the value of the human body and imagination. Every design is full of meaning and conveys a particular message. Part of Trista`s proposal is based on garments put together in an almost architectural fashion, with each design being the result of experimentation in haute couture creation.

Who Wears It

Kate del Catillo, Silvia Navarro, Belinda, Maite Perroni. Irene Arzuela, Denisse Gutierrez “Lo blondo”.

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