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Ale Fogazzi


A wrist-band watch in a variety of colors.

That’s how it looked like, at the MOMA design store in New York, the item that captured the attention of a young Italian entrepreneur Ale Fogazzi, the creator of the Too Late brand. After obtaining the international distribution rights of the product, Ale redefined the design concept of the product with a certain Italian flavor and style which turned it into a must-have item.

The company was officially founded in 2007. The first product was a silicon, waterproof, colored watch, which immediately became a must-have item, with more than 2 million pieces sold in nearly 3 years. An irreverent style, spread everywhere, made the brand world-wide famous. Today, TOO LATE creates and produces out-of-the-ordinary fashion accessories.

Today, there are over 1000 Too Late distribution points in Italy alone.

The speed at which the product is currently being sold indicates the major proliferation of the Too Late brand worldwide. This is all due to the excellent company performance that resulted in the product's rather early success.

The company's new headquarters located in Franciacorta incorporates all the company's departments into one unit. The former logistic and advertisement departments are now interconnected with the design and style sector where creativity and exuberance are in charge. By being constantly in touch with the research and development sector, the company's top executives interpret the latest trends and the coolest vibes in the world of fashion and entertainment, in order to astonish the public with new projects with Too Late imprint. Too late continues to entertain the youth of Europe by making their appearance more stylish and cool.

Hedonist, irreverent, fast. Too Late is keen on facing future challenges leveraging from the energies that define it.

The Look

Immediacy, irreverence and irony.
These are the characteristics that TOO LATE adopts to create and promote its products and its style. Watches, belts, wallets, usb keys… a lifestyle for a world that is out-of-the-box. Hedonist and dynamic, TOO LATE hits the road with unique energy made of colors, materials and unconventional design.

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