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Founded in 2004 by Tom Binns and Cristina Viera-Newton, Tom Binns Design LLC designs and markets high-quality contemporary design jewellery. The Company offers pieces that reflect an original interpretation of modern luxury under the artistic direction of the Company’s founder, Tom Binns. A veteran in the jewellery design industry, Tom Binns is an artist known for creating jewellery with relevant themes; a trend leader, not a follower.

Over the years, Mr. Binns has created a number of couture collections all uniting elegance with anarchy. These vintage collections consist of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces that are distributed to high-end boutiques globally with retail prices ranging from $1,000 to $50,000. The materials used for these pieces range from anything to everything, precious and non-precious, at times featuring materials such as sea glass and reconstituted costume jewellery. In 2004, the Company was formed to design and market several different jewellery collections at more accessible price points.

Currently, the Company’s jewellery is sold to some of the world’s leading retail boutiques, including Neiman Marcus, Colette (Paris), Maxfield (Los Angeles), Ikram (Chicago), and Joyce (Hong Kong). The jewellery has been featured in top fashion magazines, most of the global Vogue offerings and W Magazine, and has adorned the arms and necks of top celebrities around the world.

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